Perceptor er et uavhengig innsikteri som forvandler kunnskap til handling og resultater. Naturblide, fjell, vei.

About us

In Perceptor, we fuel the growth of our customers through genuine and valuable consumer and customer insight. We are an independent consultancy firm that transforms numbers and ideas, into action and results.

We work with many leading companies in Norway and the Nordic region, and have extensive experience from both consumer and business-to-business markets. We combine insight processes, relevant qualitative and quantitative analysis, together with our strategic and operational commercial competence. With us, you get both experienced advisors and the sharpest analysists in the industry.

We use dialog, and relevant analysis to generate genuine and valuable consumer insight. This in turn fuels beneficial internal decision-making which leads to gaining a profitable competitive advantage. We bridge practical business strategy with traditional market analysis.


We do not think “one-size-fits-all” – nor do we adhere to black box thinking or proprietary research solutions. Your challenges and opportunities are unique; for you and for us! We customize our services by being solution-oriented and creative.


We believe in smart and efficient processes. Our long experience enables us to respond quickly, and as a small company we view time as a precious resource both for you and for us. We are curious, courageous and love to challenge known norms and the way of doing things.


We believe in a practical approach – “more action, less talk”. Our analytical strength, combined with our commercial experience, enables us to quickly identify core challenges and opportunities.

Our team

Anne is a project manager at Perceptor. She plans, coordinates, analyses and delivers quantitative projects. She has 14 years of industry experience from 4 Fakta, MMI Norway and Fieldwork International. Anne has worked with Perceptor since 2011.

Anne Fylkesnes Prosjektleder Perceptor

Anne Fylkesnes
Project Manager
+47 906 97 711

Erwan is Perceptor’s statistician and number cruncher, with the ability to convert numbers and complex analysis into actionable data. He has 18 years of experience as a market researcher/statistician from Synovate, MMI and Forrester Research. Erwan has a Magistere d’Economiste Statisticien as well as a Maitrise in econometrics. He has studied at the University of Toulouse and the University of Oslo. Erwan joined Perceptor as a partner in January of 2010.

Erwan de Montigny
+47 454 64 915

Leif Henrik has 20 years experience in design, implementation and application of market and customer insight -both as a buyer, user and supplier. He has been the marketing director atTelenor and CEO of 4 Fakta, MMI and Synovate. He holds an MBA from Oslo Business School. He was honoured with the prestigious “Market Researcher of the Year” award in Norway in 2011. He founded Perceptor in 2009.

Leif Henrik Husom Managing Partner Perceptor

Leif Henrik Husom
Managing partner
+47 908 26 699

Oddrun has 26 years of industry experience and is specialized in multinational project management and data processing. She has previously worked as Director of TM-Competence, Field Work Scandinavia and Fieldwork International in both Norway and Sweden. Oddrun joined Perceptor as apartner in January 2010.

Oddrun Hole Partner / Chairman Perceptor

Oddrun Hole
Partner / Chairman
+47 905 05 610

Stian has 16 years of experience in marketing and innovation from some of Norway’s leading marketing environments, and has solid strategic and commercial experience from Norway and internationally. He previously worked as Marketing Manager at Stabburet, Marketing Manager in Orkla Foods Norway, Vice President Marketing in MTR Foods India, and Marketing Director at Orkla Home & Personal Care. Stian holds a Master of International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde, UK. Stian joined as partner in Perceptor January 2018.

Stian Farmen
Partner / Commercial Director  
+47 928 96 741

Torun is a project manager at Perceptor. She plans, coordinates, analyzes and delivers quantitative projects. She has 16 years of industry experience from Fieldwork Scandinavia, MMI Norway, Synovate and Ipsos MMI. Torun has worked with Perceptor since February 2014.

Torun Johansen
Project Manager 
+47 990 05 412

Steinar approaches all client challenges within marketing, innovation and insight by drawing on over 15yrs of solid experience in both the market research sector and within one of Norway’s most demanding and highly skilled marketing environments.

His wide-ranging experience prior to Perceptor included Head of Marketing in Norstat and Head of Research and Insight with TINE, Norway’s largest dairy company.

What makes him tick is using evidence-based data to create campaigns and projects both in terms of consumer-centric business strategy but also turning those relevant insights into concrete marketing and business tasks.Steinar holds a MBA in Marketing Management from the Norwegian Business School (NHH).

Steinar Leknessund
Senior Advisor 
+47 930 37 195


We have broad experience in conducting different types of qualitative, quantitative and observation-based analysis to provide relevant customer and consumer insights that can be used in different customer, shopper, communication and innovation processes. Throughout our many years in the industry, we have gained extensive and varied experience and are adept at offering processes and solutions based to suit your needs based on acquired knowledge and experience.


We deliver category analyses tailored to your needs and market. With statistics, interpretation and experience we find: the relevant drivers in the category in different consumer situations, how existing players deliver on these drivers and identify white-spots.

We deliver positioning analyses to map the attractiveness of different positions, ensure brand relevance and explore the viability in potential brand stretch and extensions. Through a combination of product features and consumer benefits, we find attractive and available positions and explore how they can be implemented.

We deliver various idea and concept tests that map out the commercial potential for brand and / or line extensions, new launches or relaunches – both for products and services. Determining what should be deployed, improved or sheltered, can save the organization a lot of time and resources and ensure focus on positive innovations.


We test specific elements of the marketing mix such as design, packaging, variant name, brand name, taste and sensory perceptions to optimize new launches or reduce the risk of adjustments to the existing mix.

We conduct various price analysis to ensure that you do not charge too high or too low prices – and that the product’s price and value experience is competitive in the markets for the target groups you aim to reach.

We map consumer behaviour at the time of purchase. We consider how products appear and perform on shelf, which activities have the most impact, estimate sales, and map out the shopper’s decision-making and the purchasing process in different categories and industries.

We test the effect of communication and advertising activities – emotionally and functionally – both before and after the advertisement is completed. We find out if the advertisement delivers on target and in accordance with the “brief” for different formats and channels.

We have in-house capacity and experience in data mining, neural network, IA etc., and can assist in scoring and modelling to provide a broad approach to different problems.

We review the utilisation of existing information and evaluate whether the current allocation of resources provides a satisfactory return on your investment. We analyse the need for and usefulness of existing sources of information and suggest specific changes.


We are always available for a chat about how we can solve your challenges and explore your opportunities. Contact Leif Henrik, Stian or Steinar by e-mail or telephone.

Leif Henrik
+47 908 26 699

+47 928 96 741

+47 930 37 195


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